Thursday 14 November 2019
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How To Study Chemistry For JEE

How To Study Chemistry For JEE

Chemistry is an interesting subject that deals with properties of matter, the study of composition and structure of various chemical components along with its associated reactions. We start our daily routine feeling chemistry around beginning from brushing teeth, having food and associated digestion process that happens inside the human body. Chemistry is a vast subject divided as physical chemistry, organic chemistry, and inorganic chemistry. Chemistry is one of the important and compulsory subjects that is studied in 12th standard science stream. Chemistry is one of the tricky and tough subjects for many students to study. While preparing for competitive examinations like AIIMS, JEE, CET and other exams, studying chemistry plays an important role for the best score.

So for the students planning to take up JEE exams, it is recommended to have complete and detailed knowledge on the subject. Know the weakness area in chemistry and give more importance to that particular part. Since chemistry involves formulas and compositions, make it a point to note down the shortcuts separately while you study.

It is important to have complete knowledge of 10th, 11th, and 12th standard chemistry syllabus to have a clear footing on the basics. JEE is the toughest competitive exam for graduation from IIT. One can imagine the expected level of the standard needed to crack JEE. Hence make sure you are proficient in all the topics of chemistry to enjoy the best score. 

Some tips to study chemistry for JEE examination 

  • Plan your study timetable according to your strength and weakness.
  • Know the periodic table better and know which element belongs to which group.
  • Prepare flashcard and key point notes which is a handy solution during revision time.
  • Do not ignore some important concepts like Molecular Orbital Theory, the study of the periodic table and name reactions.
  • Since JEE is an objective type examination, chances are high that students might feel confused among the option. Hence, practice the subject with more revisions until you are proficient.
  • Study as per the syllabus and refer the relevant books
  • Study and refer to:

Chemistry books by OP Tandon, P Bahadur, and RC Mukherjee

  • Expect questions from all corner of the syllabus and hence do not skip any topic.
  • Solve the sample papers and model papers for more confidence and to analyze the paper pattern.

For more preparation tips, students can subscribe to our BYJU’S YouTube Channel. While preparing do not skip topic like Covalent Bond which is explained in a detailed way in BYJU’S Channel.