How to Suck The Marrow from University Life?

How to Suck The Marrow from University Life?

University is one of the most incredible times of life, there are just so many incredible new experiences to be had that it is impossible not to enjoy it. You are learning new things academically, you are meeting new people, your world is extending beyond home and the school you have known for years and things like drinking and sexual relationships and driving and travel are all so much more real and tangible. The truth is that university heralds so much excitement and change that it can be quite easy to lose the real reason why you are there – and that is to study (and to learn about life). Here are some tips to help you maximize the experience and to come out the other side with a degree.

Do it properly

It is important to know why you are at university and to maintain the bigger picture. In short, the work you do at university is laying the foundations for the rest of your working life. So make sure that you do it properly. Go to lectures and do the course work. Submit your assignments on time and make sure that you buy university books online. As much as it is probably not the most enjoyable part of university, studying is the most important and you will do well to not forget that.

See all the opportunities

University offers all sorts of opportunities that aren’t just about lectures and studies. Make sure that you go out and look for these. These could be on the sport’s field or through many of the clubs and societies that will exist. These extra-mural activities could benefit your social life, they could benefit you in your future career or they could be purely recreational. The point is that you will learn as much through involvement in these types of activities as you will by reading books and going to lectures. So find the balance and make the time to be involved.


As you move beyond university and into the working world having a network of people to call on is very important. People who know and respect you and people who would be open to offering you employment, people who you can call on for work opportunities and people from whom you can seek counsel. The bigger your network the better for you, so go out of your way to meet people and to prove yourself as a reliable and trustworthy person.

Regrets are okay

It is better to regret the things that you have done rather than the things that you haven’t done. That is a good mantra to live your university life by – because it is a time of discovery, education and exploration and of learning new things. It is the time to be a bit out there given that you almost certainly don’t have lots of obligations and responsibilities (like children and debt and such things). So live your best life and push the boundaries, you don’t want to end up an old person wishing you had done more when you were at university.