Wednesday 19 June 2019
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Tips To Prepare Biology For Medical Entrance Exams

Tips To Prepare Biology For Medical Entrance Exams

Every year lakhs of students aspiring to make a career in the medical field appear for medical competitive exams after passing their 12th standard. The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test shortly known as NEET is one of the largest medical entrance exams in India. Biology section in the NEET exam is one of the most important section as it consists 50% of the total marks of the exam. Therefore students are suggested to prepare hard and practice sample papers and latest question papers like NEET 2017 question paper to score well in the exam. Some important tips to prepare biology for medical entrance exams are given in the points mentioned below.

Know the syllabus

Students preparing for medical entrance exams like NEET must know the latest Biology syllabus to prepare more effectively. They can get the latest syllabus from the official website of the exam. Knowing the syllabus properly will make them familiar with the marking scheme and the important topics of the exam.

Follow a timetable

Following a timetable is one of the smartest ways to prepare for a competitive exam. Students are suggested to strictly follow a well-planned timetable and include every topic of Biology in it.

Focus on important topics

The Biology section is divided into 2 sections namely Zoology and Botany. The section contains important topics like reproduction, cell, evolution, DNA, biotechnology, etc. so students must focus on the important chapters to score good marks in the exam.

Good study materials

Aspirants must follow the right study material while preparing Biology for NEET exam. NCERT textbook is the best books to prepare Biology as it covers the entire Biology syllabus for NEET exam. Aspirants can also refer to other guidebooks like Biology Books by T.L Rayar, Trueman’s Elementary Biology Volume – I and Volume – II, AC Dutta for Botany, etc. to strengthen the subject.

Practice question papers

Practicing sample papers and question papers is one of the best strategies to prepare Biology for NEET. Aspirants must make a habit of practicing previous year question papers and sample papers like NEET model papers, NEET 2016 question paper, etc. on a regular basis to prepare more effectively. This will also give them an idea of the marking scheme, question pattern, and difficulty level of the examination.

Practice Diagrams

Diagram based questions are very common in the biology paper of NEET. Aspirants preparing for this medical entrance exam are advised to practice biology diagrams to score good marks in the exam. Candidates can also refer to NCERT textbooks to practice diagrams.