Tips to tackle tough questions in the exam

Tips to tackle tough questions in the exam

To ace in the exam, some important things that you should keep in mind are thoroughly preparing for the different subjects, get sufficient sleep the night before the exam, do not panic and stay calm while taking the exam. No matter how well you study from the ICSE or NCERT books, there are always a few questions that are difficult to answer. But don’t lose hope, you can learn some strategies to tackle such complex questions here.

Highlight the keywords:

Read the question paper before you start answering them one by one. Underline or circle the keywords so that it helps you to focus on them while you answer the question. You can underline the keywords in the question paper while you read them.

Note down the points that you remember:

While you study you make notes so that you can revise just before the exam. Similarly, while you glance all the questions make a quick note of the points that you remember after you read the questions. You can make use of the last page in your answer booklet. Making rough notes will help you to attempt the questions with a proper structure.

Ways to approach:

Once you have glanced through all the questions, start attempting them. Remember to answer all the easy questions first. This will help you increase your confidence to answer tough questions as well. One more advantage of attempting easy questions first is, in case you are running out of time, you at least have some questions answered to score marks.

Give options:

Sometimes you might not be sure if your answer is to the point and might wonder if your answer is relevant? Or should you be writing the other part of the answer? If you come across such situation it is better you provide both the answers and leave the rest to the evaluator. Let the evaluator chose the relevant one and score you accordingly.

High school students come across such difficulties while trying to answer the complex questions asked in the exam paper. These tips can help them achieve good marks. The students of 9th-grade can Check NCERT Books for class 9 to prepare and score well in the exam.