Using the State-of-the-Art Disclosure and Barring Service

Using the State-of-the-Art Disclosure and Barring Service

Certain types of employees have to fill out a disclosure and barring service application as soon as they get their contract. Even existing employees may find themselves having to fill out these forms, and this is more than likely to happen if the employee suddenly finds themselves with new duties and responsibilities in their position.

Why DBS Checks Need to Be Done

Because of public concerns with the safety of children and adults that are left defenceless, the DBS was created to help employers when it comes to recruitment. By using the DBS, employers can check to make sure that they don’t mistakenly hire candidates who are not suitable to work with people who are vulnerable or who are susceptible to certain conditions or situations. The DBS serves as a first line of defence for employers against recruiting unqualified candidates for important positions.

It Takes No Time to Complete

Online DBS checks are a fast and efficient way to get through this process without any down time. It takes only a few minutes to get these checks done, and they are much more reliable than other methods.

Some online services are capable of completing the DBS process in under an hour. If you’re trying to get something additional such as Enhanced Disclosures, you can expect a bit of a longer wait time. While a few disclosures take just one day, there are some that may take up to two weeks before the process is complete.